Teacher NAME
Kimberly Ferrari
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8:15AM - 3:15PM
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Course Description

Sixth Grade is for students who have successfully mastered the skills learned in fifth grade and who reach the age of 11 by September 1 of the current school year. In 6th grade students study the New Testament with an emphasis on the application of Scripture using Purposeful Design Bible curriculum. BJU Press and Discovery Science curriculum are used in the sixth grade. Writing is further developed as the student writes personal narratives, book reports, Newspaper Editorials, research reports, and short informational essays. Spelling instruction through BJU Press is provided to equip students to apply spelling skills in order to produce accurate, God-honoring written communication. Heritage Studies through BJU Press teaches students about the beginning of human history, diving deeper into Ancient Civilizations to explore connections between events, identify key themes in human civilization, and gain further understanding of world religions and the spread of Christianity. The curriculum evaluates the morality of the events in history and explores how the Fall has affected every culture and civilization and helps students understand their place in God’s world. Math in sixth grade challenges students to apply their knowledge of operations, multiplying and dividing by whole numbers, decimals and fractions. Students will continue to develop pre-algebra skills and deepen their understanding of equations, measurements, probability, and statistics. Reading literature and informational selections help students build reading comprehension, exercise biblical discernment and critical thinking skills, and cultivate an appreciation of literature. Violin and music theory are taught in music class. Opportunities for art, and physical education are also offered. Teachers keep students engaged through small group projects, independent research, group instruction, and hands-on activities. Sixth graders also have the unique opportunity to participate in electives classes such as reading buddies, ROAR store, and Yearbook.