Teacher NAME
Kathalene Adams
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8:15AM - 3:15PM
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Course Description

Third Grade is designed for children who turn 8 on or before September 1 of the current school year. Third graders are presented with opportunities to learn God’s word while connecting biblical principles with real-life needs and deepen their Christian character. They study the life of Christ, the early church, missions then and now, and reflect on their own spiritual growth. Third Graders become fluent readers with both fiction and non-fiction texts while reading for comprehension and understanding. They also begin writing multiple paragraphs for opinion, informational and narrative writing. Sentence structure and grammar concepts include verb tense, subject-verb agreement, comparative adverbs and adjectives, and conjunctions. Vocabulary and dictionary skills are also taught. Math concepts include place value, estimating, arrays, multiplication and division from 0-10, fractions, metric measurement, telling elapsed time and solving word problems with mathematic reasoning. Third graders will learn cursive using the Handwriting Without Tears program. Opportunities for art, geography, history, and physical education are offered while using the Bible to explore what God’s word teaches about our world. Teachers keep students engaged through small group projects, independent research, group instruction, and hands-on activities.